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Running an Example Backtest
Running an Example Backtest

Step-by-Step Guide to Running a Backtest in MetaTrader 5 (MT5):

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Step-by-Step Guide to Running a Backtest on XAUUSD (Gold) in MetaTrader 5 (MT5):

1. Setup:

- Open MetaTrader 5 (MT5).

- Ensure the 'Toolbox' is visible by navigating to View --> Toolbox.

2. Accessing the Tester:

- In the bottom right corner of MT5, locate and click on the 'Tester' option.

3. Configuring Settings:

- Once in the 'Tester,' go to the 'Settings' tab.

4. Initiating Backtest:

- Set up the desired parameters for the desired symbol you want to backtest.

5. Running the Backtest:

- Click 'Start' to begin the backtest process.

6. Reviewing Results:

- Upon completion, right-click on the 'Backtest' window within MetaTrader 5.

7. Generating Report:

- Select the 'Report' option from the context menu.

8. Exporting Results:

- The backtest results will be exported as a file.

9. Viewing in Browser or Excel:

- Open the exported file in an internet browser or Microsoft Excel to analyze the backtest data.

By following these steps, you can conduct and analyze a backtest on any instrument within MetaTrader 5.

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