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How to get Free Data for MT5 for Backtesting
How to get Free Data for MT5 for Backtesting

Tickstory = free backtesting data for TelegramFXBacktest.

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Let's break down the steps for downloading financial data from Tickstory

- Open your internet browser and go to

- Look for the option to download the Tickstory Lite data application for Windows.

2. Install and Launch Tickstory:

- After downloading, install the Tickstory application on your computer.

- Once installed, launch the Tickstory application.

3. Select Instrument:

- In the Tickstory application, find the financial instrument you want data for.

- Right-click on the instrument and choose 'Export to MT5'.

4. Choose Date Range for Bars:

- In the Tickstory export options, select 'bars'.

- Choose the date range for the data. For our example, let's start with 'last month'.

5. Repeat for Ticks Data:

- Repeat the export process, this time selecting 'ticks'.

- Again, choose the same date range, 'last month'.

6. Create Custom Symbol in MetaTrader 5:

- Open MetaTrader 5 and go to View --> Symbols. Choose the symbol you want to create a new version of.

- Select 'Add Custom Symbol'.

- Name the custom symbol differently from the original. For instance, if your original symbol is XAUUSD, name it 'XAUUSD-Backtest'.

7. Upload Bars Data:

- In MetaTrader 5, go to the 'Bars' tab.

- Upload the bars data that you downloaded from Tickstory.

8. Upload Ticks Data:

- Navigate to the 'Ticks' tab in MetaTrader 5.

- Upload the tick data that you downloaded from Tickstory.

9. Finish and Review:

- Congratulations! You've successfully downloaded and uploaded financial data for backtesting.

- If you need further assistance, you can watch the Backtest software installation video. Check the timestamp 2:15 to 3:37 for a visual guide for Tickstory and symbol creation.

That's it! You're now all set to dive into the exciting world of backtesting. Happy trading!

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