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What is the Best Way to Extract Signals from Telegram?
What is the Best Way to Extract Signals from Telegram?

Best way to extract trading signals from Telegram.

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1. Connect: The software links up with Telegram, getting info from your followed channels. No fuss, just practical info gathering. Type in your Telegram phone number with the country code and enter the 2FA code you get from Telegram. Version 4.0 provides a graphic feedback window so that you can see the process happen in real time.

2. Data Extraction from Telegram: Telegram can make the process of getting trading signals tricky. If you try to extract too much information, you'll see RPC Errors and Flood Wait Errors. Sometimes, Telegram may even disconnect the session as a punishment for pulling too much information at once. We've got you covered with new features to handle these issues. To pull messages out smoothly, limit the date range to one month at a time. Some days, Telegram allows quick data pulling; other days, it slows things down – that's just how Telegram works.

3. Countdown 1: Watch a countdown as messages are collected – a calm process, no superhero moves.

4. Countdown 2: Another countdown as messages are neatly written into a CSV file – a digital cabinet for your trading plans.

5. Popup Window: When the message countdown hits 1, a pop-up appears with your backtest file code. Copy and paste it where your EA needs it – no magic words required.

6. Find Your File: If you need to access your CSV file, it's quietly waiting in the MetaTrader folder at C:\Users\yourcomputer\AppData\Roaming\MetaQuotes\Terminal\Common\Files\TelegramFxBacktest\csv. Easy, like finding keys in a known spot. Any errors in backtesting? Send us a message, we can help with data cleaning!

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