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Understanding how Symbol Settings work
Understanding how Symbol Settings work
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In some cases, brokers may use symbol prefixes and/or suffixes for forex symbols. For example, a symbol like or .XXXYYY. To ensure that the EA can execute trades correctly, you need to specify the symbol settings for these cases.

For instance, if the symbol is EURUSD_X, you would go to the EA settings and navigate to the "Symbol Settings" section. In the symbol suffix area, you should add "_X" to accommodate the broker's naming convention.

Additionally, different brokers may use varying names for metals, energies, indexes and other assets. For example, Gold might be referred to as either GOLD or XAUUSD. Or US30 might be called To address this, you need to enter the corresponding symbol for each asset in the EA settings.

By accurately configuring the symbol settings, you can ensure that TelegramFXCopier functions properly with your broker's specific naming conventions for symbols and assets.

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