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Understanding how Order Modification works
Understanding how Order Modification works
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TelegramFXCopier provides the capability to edit signals received from Telegram channels. You can perform the following actions on these signals:

1. Close: This option allows you to close the order completely. If you no longer want to keep the position open, you can select this action to close the trade entirely.

2. Close Half: With this option, you can close only a portion of the order. If you want to secure some profits while keeping a part of the position open, you can choose to close half of the trade.

3. Modification of TP (Take Profit): This action enables you to modify the existing take profit level of the order. You can adjust the TP value based on your analysis or changing market conditions.

4. Modification of SL (Stop Loss): Similarly, this option allows you to modify the stop loss level of the order. If you want to protect your profits or limit potential losses, you can adjust the SL value accordingly.

Once you activate TelegramFXCopier, it will execute these editing actions on the signals received from Telegram channels according to your selections. This provides you with flexibility and control over your trades based on the updated information or your trading strategy.

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