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Setting Take Profit (TP) and Stop Loss (SL) levels can be done in three different ways:

1. Take Profit / Stop Loss type from Provider: This option allows you to define TP and SL based on how the signal provider specifies them. There are three types available:
- Price: Example: Buy Eurusd TP: 1.12355
- Points: Example: Buy Eurusd TP: 200 points
- Percentage: Example: Buy Eurusd TP: 0.05%

2. Custom SL/TP in points: This option enables you to set your own TP and SL levels in points. You can define specific values for TP and SL that will be used when certain conditions are met. To deactivate TP/SL, you can set both values to 0.

3. When to use custom SL/TP: This setting determines when to utilize the custom TP and SL values. There are three options:
- Always (Regardless of the signal): The custom TP and SL values will be used for all trades.
- WhenNotRecognized: The custom TP and SL values will only be used when the signal provider does not specify TP and SL levels.
- Never: The custom TP and SL values will never be used.

It is important to note that setting "Trade without SL" to false ensures that no orders will be executed without a SL. This setting helps enforce risk management by requiring every trade to have a defined stop loss level.

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