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How do I start copying signals?
How do I start copying signals?
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To get started with the TelegramFxCopier software, follow these steps:

1. Activate License: Complete the activation process for your license inside the user portal.

2. Launch the Software: Start the TelegramFxCopier software from your desktop.

3. Enter Phone Number: Provide your phone number in the software. You will receive a 2FA code in Telegram.

4. Enter Verification Code: Enter the 2FA code from Telegram into the designated DialBox in the app.

5. Connect to Telegram: The app will now establish a connection with Telegram. You will see a list of channels displayed.

6. Enter Metatrader Account Numbers: Input your Metatrader account numbers for the MT terminals that are open on your computer or virtual private server (VPS).

7. Select Terminals for Each Channel: Choose the Metatrader terminal(s) to which you want to copy signals for each respective channel.

8. Save Settings: Click on the save button to save your configuration.

9. Verify Monitoring Status: Check that the status has changed to "Monitoring" to confirm that the settings have been saved successfully.

10. Apply Expert Advisor: Locate the expert advisor named "TelegramFxCopier" in the experts list within MetaTrader.

11. Set Configuration: Apply the expert advisor to a chart and configure it according to your preferences.

12. Enable DLLs and Activate Live Trading: Make sure to allow the use of DLL(s) and activate live trading in the Metatrader settings.

By following these steps, you will be able to activate TelegramFXCopier, select the desired Telegram channels, and enable the expert advisor in Metatrader for trade copying.

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