Entry Settings
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When a signal provider sends a market order (BUY/SELL), the user has two options to consider:

1. Market: This option allows the user to enter the trade instantly at the current market price. There is no need to wait for a specific entry price from the provider.

2. Provider: If the provider specifies an entry price, and it falls within the specified points range, the trade will be taken as a pending order. In this case, the user will wait for the price to reach the specified level before entering the trade.

Additionally, there is an option to ignore orders with no entry price. If the user sets this option to "True" and selects the provider entry option, any signals without an entry price will be disregarded. These signals will not be executed as either market orders or pending orders.

By considering these options and adjusting the settings accordingly, the user can customize how they want to handle market orders sent by the provider based on the presence or absence of an entry price.

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