Money Management

4 types of Money Management are available: Fixed Lot, Percentage Lot,  Lot per 1000 and Percentage of equity. For each option, the value should be set in next input.

Moreover, if signal has multiple tps, ea will open multiple orders. Each order will have distinct tp value and all of them will have same SL. Ea supports up to 5 tps. Calculation of volume of each tp is done by following rule: Total_Lot (calculated in first part) * TPi_percentage %.


Example: User set Money Management Type to percentage lot, he wants to risk 2%. He receives an order from Provider on EURUSD with SL. The calculation gives volume of 0.12. Order has 3 tps: User sets TP1_percentage = 50%, TP2_percentage = 0%, TP3_percentage = 50%, TP4_percentage = 100%, TP5_Percentage = 100%.

Ea will open 2 orders with 0.6 (one with TP1 and the other with TP3). Since there is no TP4 & TP5, order will open no order.

User can also trade with different volume different symbols. 

Example: User wants to trade all symbols with 0.1, but does not want to trade GBPUSD and GBPJPY. Moroever, he wants to trade XAUUSD with 0.2 and GBPNZD with 0.05. The picture below shows the corresponding settings. 


How to trade only specific symbols?: