Advanced Settings


This part contains list of terms used by providers in taking different orders. User can add new terms according to provider languages and terms. Terms should be separated by ';'.

Also, to avoid taking orders when channel only wants to remind about a trade... you can add terms used by the channel to not take a trade when such term appears on the message.


Points above/below BE:

When Stop loss is moved to entry price (When Channel asks for it or when TP1 is hit or for any other reason), broker commission and swap may result on a negative profit. To prevent this, user can set number of points below(sell)/above(buy) entry price to move stop loss to. It is set to 5 points by default.


Expiration duration for pending orders:

Another feature, is expiration time(in minutes) for pending orders before orders are deleted. Please be aware that Metatrader allows a minimum of 10 minutes.


Max spread (in points) allowed for execution of an order:

Some signals come when market is very volatile or when there is a lack of liquidity. This can result on heavy spread that could make user loose important money. In order to avoid trading in those condition, user can set a maximum spread. When spread at market is superior to the max spread, no order will be taken by the EA.


Trade same symbol multiple times:

Sometimes, 2 channels sends signals of the same symbol. To avoid taking multiple trades in the same symbol, user can set "Trade same symbol times" to "NO".



Slippage (MT4): User can fix slippage value (5 by default)