TP & SL settings

Three entries to set TP & SL:

- Take Profit / Stop Loss type from Provider : How Channel gives TP /SL :

                                       Price : Example: Buy Eurusd TP: 1.12355

                                       Points : Example: Buy Eurusd TP: 200 points

                                       Percentage : Example: Buy Eurusd TP: 0.05%

- Custom SL/TP in points : Custom SL/TP in points to use under "When to use custom SL/TP" condition (set to 0 to deactivate TP/SL)

- When to use custom SL/TP : When to use Custom value: Always (Regardless of the signal), WhenNotRecognized, Never.

- Trade without SL (SL not recognized and Custom SL never used): Set to false in order to ensure that never an order without SL will be executed.