I already have a previous version. Should I uninstall it?

Yes, all desktop application components (of previous version) should be removed before installation of version 10.0. To uninstall it completely here are steps to follow: 1- Uninstall TelegramFxCopier from Control Panel 2- Remove Folder "TelegramFxCopier" and/or "TelegramfxCopier_V10" Located in: C:\Users\[USERNAME]\AppData\Roaming\MetaQuotes\Terminal\Common\Files

What is the installation process?

After accomplishing subscription process, user will have access to his personal account in TelegramFxCopier panel. 1- User should download setup file from "Downloads" tab (2 versions available 64bits and 32 bits). 2- Before launching setup file, please make you uninstalled previous versions of TelegramFxCopier. 3- Double-click on setup file and let it install all components. User may add desktop shortcut and restart the pc (VPS) when installation is done.

How can I activate my license?

According to your license, you will have number of boxes to fill in your Metatrader account number. Elsewhere, the license will be activated instantly. So you can add / remove / update Metatrader account numbers.

What if application does not want to open?

The application does not open if you don't have installed in your PC .NET Framework 4.8. You should install Runtime version from :

How to start copying signals?

Once activation of license is done, user should start TelegramFxCopier software from Desktop. User need to enter his/her phone number, he/she will then receive a code in Telegram that should be entred on the DialBox in the app. The app is now connected to Telegram and list of channels is displayed. User should enter his Metatrader account numbers (Only MT Terminals opened on the pc/vps) and select for each channel, Metatrader terminal(s) user wants to copy signals to. Once done, user should cli...

Setting up the copier for best results

Now that you have Telegram FX copier installed, let's talk about the best ways to set this up and use it. Here is a transcript of the video (

What if I get a 'chat not found' error in Telegram?

Sometimes Telegram can give the user a 'chat not found' error. This is caused when the Telegram session file gets corrupted, or if you change the description of the channel in Telegram's settings. To fix the error, first close the Telegram app. Then, locate the Telegram Session file on your computer's C drive. Delete the file 'Telegram Session'. Then you will need to uninstall Telegram FX Copier, and reinstall it. Follow the instructions here:

How does user know that copier is running and signals are copied?

On Metatrader chart, the list of monitored channels are displayed. If no channel name is displayed, then there are 2 possibilities: 1- "NOT CONNECTED" -> TelegramFxCopier App is not connected to Telegram 2- "CONNECTED BUT NO MONITORED CHANNEL(S)" -> Please make sure you wrote MT account number correctly on the app and that you clicked on save button.

What if I cannot see the EA on Metatrader Terminal(s)?

If installation process is done and still the EA does not show on your MT terminal please download zip file from: According to your MT type (4 or 5), go to corresponding folder, then proceed manually to the following: - Copy files from Libraries to Libraries Folder in Metatrader Data folder - Copy the file(TelegramFxCopier.ico) from Images to Images Folder in Metatrader Data folder - Copy the file (Expert Advisor X.Y) from Main Folder to Experts Folder Video demonst...