How to start copying signals?

Once activation of license is done, user should start TelegramFxCopier software from Desktop. User need to enter his/her phone number, he/she will then receive a code in Telegram that should be entred on the DialBox in the app. The app is now connected to Telegram and list of channels is displayed. User should enter his Metatrader account numbers (Only MT Terminals opened on the pc/vps) and select for each channel, Metatrader terminal(s) user wants to copy signals to.

Once done, user should click on save button and status should be switched to "Monitoring".

Finally, user should put the expert advisor "TelegramFxCopierX.Y" (that he/she will find on experts list) on a chart and set the configuration. Please do not forget to allow Dll(s) and to Activate Live Trading.