Settings and Features

Channels and Magic numbers

Each channel has its own magic number. The magic number is set automatically by TelegramFxCopier App. you can get Magic Number if you copy channel name from the copier and paste it or from 'Advanced Analytics' tab in TelegramFxCopier Panel (website).

How do I set different strategies per (group of) channel(s)?

In the EA 1st input "Channel(s) To copy", you have 2 options: 1- All Selected : Allows to set same strategy for all channels selected in TelegramFxCopier App. 2- Only Specific One(s) : You should copy/paste all channels you want to copy on that chart from the app (separated by ';') Use Case: TelegramFxCopier App monitor 4 channels (A,B,C and D). User want to set Strategy1 to A & B and Strategy2 to C & D. He should open 2 chart (1 chart = 1 strategy) Chart1 : Channel(s) to copy: Only Spe...

How Image Recognition works?

Some signal providers use images to write a signal (or part of it) in it, while others are using images to highlight their strategy only. Those images (that do not contain signal info) might contain some words that could confuse the ea. The 3rd input "Image Recognition" should be: - Read Images: If signal provider sends images with signals (or part of). - Ignore Images: Otherwise

Entry Settings

User has 2 options when provider sends Market order (BUY/SELL): - Market : Enter the trade instantly with market price - Provider : If provider gives entry price, and the price is out of points range, trade will be taken as pending order. - if Provider, ignore orders with no Entry Price : if set to True and Provider entry is selected, every signal with no entry price will be ignored and won't even be taken as Market. -------------------------

TP & SL settings

Three entries to set TP & SL: - Take Profit / Stop Loss type from Provider : How Channel gives TP /SL : Price : Example: Buy Eurusd TP: 1.12355 Points : Example: Buy Eurusd TP: 200 points Percentage : Example: Buy Eurusd TP: 0.05% - Custom SL/TP in points : Custom SL/TP in points to use under "When to use custom SL/TP" condition (set to 0 to deactivate TP/SL) - When to use custom SL/TP : When to use Custom value: Always (Regardless of the signal), WhenNotRecognized, Never. - Trade with...

Money Management

4 types of Money Management are available: Fixed Lot, Percentage Lot, Lot per 1000 and Percentage of equity. For each option, the value should be set in next input. Moreover, if signal has multiple tps, ea will open multiple orders. Each order will have distinct tp value and all of them will have same SL. Ea supports up to 5 tps. Calculation of volume of each tp is done by following rule: Total_Lot (calculated in first part) * TPi_percentage %. Example: User set Money Management Type to per...

Risk Management

4 options are available for Risk Management: - Trail SL in multiple TP orders : For multiple TP orders, set a trailing stop : When TP1 hits, SL moves to entry price.When TP2 hits, SL moves to TP1 ...etc - Move SL to breakeven after TP1 : For multiple TP orders: When TP1 hits, SL moves to breakeven only. - Custom Trailing Stop : SL moved after each Trailing step to Stop loss value of trailing stop, and order will be closed partially by the setting percentage. - Custom Breakeven : SL mov...

Order Modification

Close , Close half, Modification of TP, Modification of SL are editing signals that come from channels in telegram. Those orders can be executed by the EA if activated.

Symbol Settings

Some brokers use symbol prefix and/or suffix in fx symbols (e.g .XXXYYY). To allow for the EA to take trades, user should under the prefix and/or suffix in the Symbol settings (e.g. EURUSD_X user should go to EA settings, under the section 'symbol settings' and add (_X ) in symbol suffix area) Moreover, Brokers have different names when it comes to Metals, Energies.... Gold might be written as GOLD or XAUUSD. User should enter correspondent Symbol for each asset.

Advanced Settings

Words/Terms: This part contains list of terms used by providers in taking different orders. User can add new terms according to provider languages and terms. Terms should be separated by ';'. Also, to avoid taking orders when channel only wants to remind about a trade... you can add terms used by the channel to not take a trade when such term appears on the message. Put pending orders as market if incorrect EntryPrice: Sometimes, it happens signal provider sends wrong entry price: For ex...